InfoTekies Corporation
Potomac Falls, VA
Phone: 571-246-3966
Our Services
InfoTekies Corporation, provides consulting services in the following area:

  • J2EE Architecture Design & Implementation
  • DNSSEC (Secured DNS) Design & Implementation
  • Web Application Security - Design & Validation
  • Network Security
  • Oracle Database Administration & Data Architect
  • Unix/Linux Administration
  • IT Project Management and Technical Leadership

We also work as a turnkey solution provider for implementation of your IT project in a cost effective manner.

Nov 12, 2009
InfoTekies has released a security product PingMyNet to help home owners

October 01, 2009
InfoTekies Corporation is working on a set of JAVA tools that can be used to validate DNSSEC implementation within your enterprise

March 2006
InfoTekies has implemented a Java NIO based web crawler to get weblog changes to search engines