InfoTekies Corporation
Potomac Falls, VA
Phone: 571-246-3966
About InfoTekies
InfoTekies Corporation, is incorporated in the state of Virginia in 2004 and has been operating in the Washington DC metro area as a leading provider of consulting services.

Most of the businesses rely on computer systems/web applications to do their business operations in an effective manner. It is important to design and implement these computer systems to be highly available (HA) and reliable. We are specialized in designing computer (web) application to be highly available using various technologies such as load balancer, location redundancy, data replication and storage replication. We have worked with largest financial companies to design and implement secure fail-safe/high available web application.

Web Security has been one of our primary area of expertise where we have presented Application Security topics at various conferences such as JavaOne, NoVA-JUG and to various other organization. Also, We have worked with various organization to identify application design issues such as SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting (XSS) in their production web applications and help to fix the security issues.

Our focus is to have fully satisfied customers with high quality deliverables. Contact us today to see how we can help you to achieve your excellence in your business.


Nov 12, 2009
InfoTekies has released a security product PingMyNet to help home owners

October 01, 2009
InfoTekies Corporation is working on a set of JAVA tools that can be used to validate DNSSEC implementation within your enterprise

March 2006
InfoTekies has implemented a Java NIO based web crawler to get weblog changes to search engines