InfoTekies Corporation
Potomac Falls, VA
Phone: 571-246-3966
Welcome to InfoTekies
InfoTekies Corporation, a consulting firm aims to provide constructive and practical solutions to the modern day IT challenges. We have designed and implemented successful highly scalable and highly available (HA) web applications for financial and IT companies around Washington DC area. InfoTekies Corporation provides web security consulting to design and implement your web application to be a Hacker Safe application.

Our services provide a comprehensive means of protecting some of the most valuable assets of our clients, their software assets and networking infrastructure.

We specialize in:
  1. J2EE Architecture Design & Implementation
  2. DNSSEC (Secured DNS) Design & Implementation
  3. Web Application Security - Design & Validation
  4. Network Security
  5. Oracle Database Administration & Data Architect
  6. Unix/Linux Administration

Nov 12, 2009
InfoTekies has released a security product PingMyNet to help home owners

October 01, 2009
InfoTekies Corporation is working on a set of JAVA tools that can be used to validate DNSSEC implementation within your enterprise

March 2006
InfoTekies has implemented a Java NIO based web crawler to get weblog changes to search engines